This financially responsible officer package includes the following...

  • Application processing
  • Fingerprint scheduling (included fee)
  • Credit Report
  • Application Tracking
  • $200 State fee paid to State of Florida DBPR
  • Bond Assistance *

Disclaimer: I hereby grant my permission for License Exam Services LLC to access my credit file and a background survey in line with this business transaction according to the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I agree that License Exam Services LLC is not responsible for any information contained in and is unable to change any information in any credit report. I agree to hold License Exam Services LLC harmless for anything which may appear on this report. I agree that the credit report and credit profile pulled by License Exam Services LLC is only to be used only for the purpose of obtaining/maintaining a construction license and to be used for no other purpose. I understand that my credit report(s) are sent directly to the governmental entity for which I am obtaining a license for. License Exam Services LLC will provide an issue report and score.

* License Exam Services LLC will assist in the bond securing process. All bond fees will be paid directly to the bond agent.

Financially Responsible Officer Package (Construction only)