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Florida State Certified and Registered Contractor applications require applicants to provide credit reports for themselves and the business entity they want to qualify. Our credit reports demonstrate that local, state, and federal records have been searched and personal credit reports must contain a FICO derived credit score, as per Florida Statute.

Personal credit report for applicant:� This product should be used for the license applicant who will be the qualifying agent for either an individual�active license or to qualify a business.

If you prefer to manually fill out your information and fax it to us, you can download our credit application in PDF format here:

License Exam Services�State-Certified Credit Application

Disclaimer: I hereby grant my permission for License Exam Services LLC to access my credit file and a background survey in line with this business transaction according to the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I agree that License Exam Services LLC is not responsible for any information contained in and is unable to change any information in any credit report. I agree to hold License Exam Services LLC harmless for anything which may appear on this report. I agree that the credit report and credit profile pulled by License Exam Services LLC is only to be used only for the purpose of obtaining/maintaining a construction license and to be used for no other purpose. I understand that my credit report(s) are sent directly to the governmental entity for which I am obtaining a license for. License Exam Services LLC will provide an issue report and score.

DBPR Approved Personal Credit Report

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